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    Awards of MNCCI

    MNCCI reward following awards to the foreign and local organizations, enterprises and individuals contributed significant role to improve economic capacity, accelerate development, promote national industries, develop SME, green economy, green business and Corporate social responsibility and to support private sector of Mongolia.

    “Corporate Social Responsibility” award of MNCCI
    Honorable Credential of MNCCI
    Honorable Certificate
    “Greenpreneur” mark of respect of MNCCI
    “Entrepreneurship spirit” mark of respect of MNCCI
    “Business excellence award” of MNCCI
    Honorable order of “Silk Road” award of MNCCI
    Premium award of MNNCI, Order of "Khiimori"
    Эдгээр шагналыг олгох журам, бүрдүүлэх материалыг ЭНД ДАРЖ үзнэ үү.