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    Available expertise services are as follows:

    Customs expertise service

    The Customer Service Department acts as a neutral supervisor to do an inspection and to identify the different types of problems that occurs mostly during exportation and importation of products, such as a shortfall in quality, quantity, non-coincidence of goods, raw materials and equipment. We are undertaking inspection activities in order to control care, packing conditions, trademark corrections, term of conveyance, according to aspects of purchase and sales agreements and provides with evidence /certificate/, also deduction from the customs duties by the statement of contravention level. The issued certificate is not defending the interests of neither the supplier nor buyer.

    Insurance expertise service

    Provides with an evidence statement /certificate/ by implementing the neutral inspection on short-fall of quantity and products that are damaged during transportation and also storing processes. The neutral inspections are made by the requests of the insurance company and insured organizations.

    Jurisdiction expertise service

    Provides with an evidence statement /certificate/ of the trial process of the administrative court, criminal court and the civil court by implementing neutral inspections based on the requests of the court if necessary. The quantity and conditions of the products and equipment are detailed on the expertise certificate.

    Expertise service on Bank

    Provides with an evidence statement /certificate/ on quantity and conditions of the products by implementing the neutral inspections to supervise the transport, storage and production process of the goods and equipment in order to oversee the leasing and loan implementation by the requests of the bank.

    Expertise service on tax

    Provides with an evidence statement /certificate/ in order to determine the actual taxes on products and equipments.

    Our certificate applies to the following:

    • Deduction from customs duties.
    • Settlement on loss with transportation companies.
    • Settlement on loss with supplier companies.
    • Payment of loss by insurance companies.
    • Internal estimation of organizations.
    • It’s the neutral basis to determine the actual taxes.

    The Department inspects the quality and quantity of the following goods:

    • Food products
    • Consumers goods
    • Furniture
    • Crude oil products
    • Automobile and spare parts
    • Construction materials
    • Medicine and medical equipment
    • All sorts of raw materials
    • Computers, TV’s and videos
    • Wheat etc

    Customer should submit the following documents for inspection:

    • Railway way-bill
    • Commercial act (if issued on the way to the destination )
    • Trade agreement
    • Other enclosed documents certifying the quality and quantity of good

    Export trade and import trading expertise
    Telephone: (976)11-322145
    E-mail: expertiz@mongolchamber.mn