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    Сонин сэтгүүл Ном товхимол

    Business and development journal is quarterly national magazine of economic and business. The main goal of that journal is to send information of foreign and domestic economic, finance, business truthfully and immediately. Our magazine has started to publish in Mongolian since 2006.

    Advertisement tariff for ‘Business and development’ magazine

    Booking Advertisement
    Size A4 Size A4
    Number of editions in a year 4 Guest of edition 500.000₮
    Number of pages 56 2 pages of the cover of the magazine 300.000₮
    Publication All colors 3 pages of the cover of the magazine 250.000₮
    Sell price: 6000 2 leading full pages of the magazine 350.000₮
    Number of publication 3000-5000 A4 or 1 page 250.000₮
    Post companies Mongol post LLC, Ulaanbaatar post LLC, Tugeemel post LLC, Sky post LLC Back page 450.000₮

    Contact to: Marketing Department
    Phone: (976)11-325374, 976-99077127
    Email: oigonjav@mongolchamber.mn