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    Сонин сэтгүүл Ном товхимол

    Our magazine presented Mongolian foreign trade, investment, tourism and possibility business co-operation in the international area and became a major promotional materials to raise Mongolian reputation in the world. Our magazine is main material for politicians’ visits, business form, exhibitions and round table meetings organizing in the foreign countries. Our magazine published quarterly first time in English in 2004 under the name ‘Inspiring Mongolia’.

    Advertisement tariff for “Invest pro Mongolia” magazine

    Booking Advertisement
    Size A4 Size A4
    Number of editions in a year 4 Guest of edition 800.000₮
    Number of pages 56 2 pages of the cover of the magazine 450.000₮
    Publication All colors 3 pages of the cover of the magazine 450.000₮
    Booking price:
     2 leading full pages of the magazine 500.000₮
    Number of publication 2000-5000 A4 or 1 page 250.000₮
      Back page 590.000₮

    Contact to: Marketing Department
    Phone: (976)11-325374
    Email: event@mongolchamber.mn