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    We are inviting you to our short-term thematic training.

    Personal development training

    • Communication skills
    • Teamwork
    • Rhetoric

    Management training

    • Business entity’s productivity management
    • Business entity’s staff’s time management
    • Business entity’s staff’s complaint management
    • Business entity’s human resource management
    • Business relations
    • Organizational culture
    • Developing a business plan

    Training to support business activities

    • Researching of organization’s macro and micro environment
    • Methods of designing projects, formulation of project’s technical and economic grounds
    • Tender proposal, its preparation methods
    • Legal regulation of international agreement
    • Sales and purchase agreement, practical recommendations to solve the disputes
    • Arbitration
    • Tax regulations
    • Insurance

    Foreign trade course

    • How to organize an exhibition?
    • Open customs system-ATA carnet
    • Basic documents for foreign trade
    • How to export your products?
    • Logistics
    • Cross border trade
    • Trade facilitation
    • Tax risks
    • Others

    Address: Academy of Foreign Trade
    Tel: (976) 11-324258
    E-mail: training@mongolchamber.mn