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    TRAINING PROGRAMME: The programme was formulated according to international overall standard. The courses contains 30 hours lessons on the following topics:

    • TCP/IP basis
    • Operating principles of Ethernet devices
    • Basic settings of VLAN
    • Operating principles and configuration of STP
    • Distance-vector routing protocols
    • HDLC-principle and configuration
    • OSI, ТCP/IP models and common network attacks
    • Firewall Networking: VLAN, WLAN, 3G
    • GRE VPN technology


    • The graduates will be granted with a certificate on English
    • Students will gain a comprehensive knowledge about basic network equipment Router, Switch, Firewall, its configuration, IP addresses, VPN, GRE, IP Sec, SSL, Cryptograph, Encryption
    • The training will be conducted in the computer lab
    • Classes are available at non-working hours


    • Copy of identity card
    • 1 photo of 3х4 size

    Address: Academy of Foreign Trade
    Tel: (976) 11-324258
    E-mail: training@mongolchamber.mn, bayarjargal@mongolchamber.mn