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    Main directions

    • Short-term bread and bakery training /5 days/
    • Sale of different types of bakery
    • Make on order of a product
    • Organisation and vocational training practice

    MNCCI together with Dutch Senior Expert Association (PUM) has started implementing the project to support professional training. In the framework of this project “Bread and bakery training center” was established with support of Dutch government. The Dutch specialists first trained Mongolian teachers, and those trained teachers in their turn trained others.

    On this course the trainees practice baking on equipment supplied by Holland and learn how to make 4 kind of bakeries: bread, puff taste, cookies and cakes.

    Besides of learning to bake 10 kind of products in 5 days, at the end of the training MNCCI and PUM grant joint certificate. Professional cooks, chefs, housewives can attend the course and learn how to make bread and pastry at home.

    “Bread and bakery training center” provides MNCCI’s cafe with new products and receives enquiries from organisations, restaurants and individuals.

    Bread training
    In this training you will learn to bake black, bran and fish bread, French bread, helical, soft and raisins bun.

    Layered product training
    On this training you will learn to bake puff pastry, different kinds of meat, croissant, fruits, nuts, whipped cream layered products.

    Cookies training
    You will learn to bake tea and mince cookies.

    Cake and pie training
    Here you can learn to bake not only cake and pie, but also can learn a method to make creams and ways to decorate cakes.

    Address: Khan-Uul district, 15th commission, Mahatma Gandhi street, MNCCI building, No: 503
    Tel: +976-11-324258, 976-89001010, 976-99293920
    E-mail: training@mongolchamber.mn