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  • Cooperation Department

    Based on the principles of public-private partnership, the department mainly aims to cooperate with metropolitan and provincial entrepreneurs and their governmental agencies, to expand their business cooperation, to promote them MNCCI’s activities and to support SME’s with internal and external professional consultants.

    The main functions:

    • In order to improve the business environment and to increase manufacturing in rural areas the department works to promote local businesses through Chamber branches in all 21 provinces, organizes multilateral cooperation activities with local Governor's Offices and agencies to improve the business development in rural areas and provinces.
    • It works in close cooperation with municipal and district governor’s offices, universities, non-governmental organizations, professional associations and academic institutions
    • Support local businesses by providing advisory services to SMEs by international volunteers and consultants
    • Implement international projects and programs related to development of SMEs and local Chamber’s
    • Provide general guidance to councils under the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    Tel: (976) 11-322371, Email: cooperation@mongolchamber.mn

    Customer Service Department

    Customer Service Department of MNCCI offers to its members and clients the following services and information.


    • Certification of origin of goods
    • Membership issues
    • Neutral inspection of export & import goods
    • Protection of intellectual property rights
    • Certification of "Organic product" mark
    • Barcode allocation
    • Air ticket service for international and regional flights “Air Chamber”
    • Sales of educational books, booklets, business directories
    • Business consulting services
    • Preparation of business proposals
    • Processing of export documentations (invoices, packing lists)

    Information on:

    • market research
    • trade agreements and contracts
    • creation of legal entity
    • business projects for small and medium enterprises
    • International trade development organizations and Chambers of Commerce and Industry of foreign countries
    • activities and services of MNCCI

    Contact us:

    Patent, trademark, geographical indications
    Telephone: (976)11-310396, E-mail: patenttmbur@mongolchamber.mn

    Export trade and import trading expertise
    Telephone: (976)11-322145, E-mail: expertiz@mongolchamber.mn

    Telephone: (976)11-324394, E-mail: membership@mongolchamber.mn

    Certificate of origin:
    Telephone: (976)11-328878, E-mail: export@mongolchamber.mn

    Air Chamber, customer service center
    Telephone: (976)11-323974

    Foreign Relations, Trade and Investment Department

    Foreign Relations, Trade and Investment Department, with the aim to support Mongolian entrepreneurs, cooperates with foreign Chambers of Commerce and Industry, foreign Trade & Investment promotion organizations, International organizations and diplomatic representatives. Also this department performs the following functions, such as to organize bilateral, multilateral business meetings, seminars, workshops on a regular basis, to connect Mongolian businesses with foreign entrepreneurs, to promote and give advice to entrepreneurs, to effectively strengthen the cooperation by coordinating businesses and to provide the businesses with the recent news and information.

    This department supports Mongolian entrepreneurs to successfully participate in the World and International Expos by representing Mongolian country and culture, to involve domestic organizations and companies in different exhibitions, to promote their products, to support them in establishing foreign contacts.

    In addition, in order to improve the legal environment of trade policy, to facilitate the foreign trade, to promote exports, economic zones, cross border trade, this department conducts the research, economic analysis and proposals to relevant legal documents.

    In a sphere of Mongolian National Export program it promotes export by connecting Mongolian businesses with foreign partners, and by promoting them to International & Trade supporting organizations and Chambers of Commerce.

    Tel: (976) 11-312501, E-mail: foreignrelations@mongolchamber.mn

    Foreign Trade Academy

    Foreign trade manager preparation course lasts for 1 year. After the graduation the graduates are awarded with rhombus and diploma.

    The Academy conducts not only short-term, thematic trainings on 40 topics fulfilling the entrepreneur’s needs, but also the following professional courses are taught:

    • Bakery training (1week)
    • Secretary preparation training (4 months)
    • Computer network specialist training (1 month)

    We make researches on the following topics in order to provide the entrepreneurs, government and non-government institutions with foreign, domestic trade information:

    • Foreign trade overview (quarterly)
    • Market overview (by types of products)
    • Domestic market price analysis of consumer goods (monthly)
    • To explore an overview of the world market’s export and import commodities

    Tel: (976) 11-324258, E-mail: training@mongolchamber.mn

    Marketing Department

    The departments focuses on development and  implementation of marketing strategies, aimed at achieving the MNCCI’s Vision and Values, at realizing its goals, at improving customers satisfaction, at development of products and services, sales strategies, based on market research, offering a new product / product package, to conserve and improve the service quality and to provide information and commercials campaigns constantly.

    Main functions:

    • To develop and implement MNCCI’s foreign and domestic marketing policy on products and services
    • To organize all types of events and activities of MNCCI and to ensure readiness
    • To instantly deliver information and commercials to members and public

    Tel: (976) 70109090, Email: marketing@mongolchamber.mn

    Mongolian International and National Arbitration center

    Mongolian International and National Arbitration Center (MINAC) at MNCCI has been conducting activities since 1960 and is the only internationally accepted arbitration in Mongolia.

    MINAC, being a member of the Asia-Pacific International Commercial Arbitration Association, has 46 domestic arbitrators specialized in law, economics, finance, mining in all 21 provinces of Mongolia and 13 foreign (Russia, China, USA, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Poland) arbitrators.

    This arbitration center promotes and develops arbitration activities in Mongolia, conducts trainings, gives legal advice, publishes journals and books related to arbitration, monitors and resolves the disputes arisen from business, economic related agreements.

    Also, the clients can benefit from the Business mediation center’s activities at MNCCI. For more information, visit: www.arbitr.mn

    Tel: (976) 70111545, Email: arbitr@mongolchamber.mn

    Operations and Coordination Department

    In order to support all staff of MNCCI to implement its goals and objectives, Operations and Coordination Department works with the following functions:

    • To determine the right  human resources policy to compose the skilled, motivated, creative, eager to develop team with a good performance
    • To implement an employee development system with honest evaluation and appropriate compensation, for continuous and systematic professional and human capacity building, and the proper organizational culture development and creation of a positive atmosphere;
    • To nominate the Chamber’s staff, members and other organizations into governmental and non-governmental organizations’ awards
    • To report the Chamber’s financial activities in accordance with International Accounting Standards, to organize the financial operations and financial results analysis and conclusions cost-efficiently
    • To keep the Chamber’s archive in accordance with the state regulations;
    • To ensure Chamber’s data privacy and security, introduce new technology and software solutions for information technology, to ensure normal network, servers operation and their control;
    • To deliver convenient environment for service to employees and customers, to enhance the service quality and to preserve it;  
    • To serve Chamber’s staff and customers with qualified food and beverages;

    Tel: (976) 11-328785, Email: hr@mongolchamber.mn

    Policy, Research & Development Department

    This department has the following fundamental functions to improve business environment:

    • To influence, plan and implement policy advocacy and business support activities, to develop public-private partnership
    • To review the planning and execution of Chamber, to monitor, evaluate and report MNCCI’s activities’ planning and performance, to perform official duties of the board of directors and Presidium
    • To formulate documents, study reports and recommendations on Mongolian economy, business development and its outlook
    • To develop legal documentation to improve clean energy production, energy efficiency, to enhance business capacity in this sphere, to issue "Organic Product / Certified organic" label, "Green Hotel" eco-label;
    • Implementation of Organic Mongolia program

    The department is responsible for the regular organization of Mongolian Business Assembly (CEO summit), for the yearly ranking of "Top 100 enterpreneurs” that have made a major contribution to Mongolian society, economy and business sector.

    Also it cooperates with international organizations on social responsibility, "Corruption and business principles " and "Children's Rights and Business". Within this framework, it also conducts the role of a guide of Mongolian Network operations of United Nations Global Agreement (UN Global compact), and an official regulatory role of Partnership Against Corruption Initiative of the World Economic Forum (PACI).

    Tel: (976) 11-310619, (976) 11-329167, E-mail: policy@mongolchamber.mn, esco@mongolchamber.mn